BSNL 3G/4G Network Check In Your City Without SIM Card

BSNL 3G/4G Network Check: Friends, in today’s video I am going to tell you a way by which you can check yourself about your city or your village whether BSNL network is available in your city or village or not.

So as you must have seen in news etc., BSNL has announced here that it is going to upgrade its 10000 towers in the whole country, that is, it is going to convert them to 4G here, that is, the towers which are already installed are being converted to 4G here.

So in many cities, 4G service is going to start very soon and many are confused whether to port their SIM or not, whether to go to BSNL or not because they do not know whether BSNL network is there in the city or not.

And if there is network, then whether it is 3G or 4G, then I will tell you the way to check, if you are also in this confusion, then you can BSNL 3G/4G Network Check through this and remove your confusion. You can do it

BSNL 3G/4G Network Check

At the bottom of this post, I have provided you a link, you simply have to open that link, when you open that link, you will reach a website, after coming to this website, India will be automatically selected here, if not, then select India from here

After selecting India, you will get the option of carrier here, go to carrier and after going to carrier, you have to select BSNL here

Now after this, you will see the search bar here, tap on this search bar and you have to enter the name of your city or your village here

As soon as you select it and click OK, then you will see a map on the bottom side, now the name of your city is showing here, zoom it and see and here you can see that if you are seeing a green dot, then this green dot means that friends, 3G service is available in your city

If 4G is available in your city, then you will see an orange color dot If it is 4G Plus then you will see dark red and if it is 5G then you will see purple colour.


In this way you can easily find out which service is available in your city. So before porting, you should BSNL 3G/4G Network Check the network etc. to see if your BSNL network is available properly in the area where you live or not.

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