Latest Advance Download Timer Script – Start Timer After Click On Button 2024

Friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you about Advance Download Timer Script. If you provide downloading buttons etc. in a Blogger or WordPress post.

If you give some files, how can you add a countdown timer to that button?

Earlier also, I had provided you some Advance Download Timer Script for download timer. But it was like that whenever a visitor opens your post! So he’ll see a direct timer, and he’ll see a button there once the timer completes.

Latest Advance Download Timer Script

But the Advance Download Timer Script I am going to give you today! In that the visitor will see a direct button and as soon as he clicks on the button, the timer will start.

So for this you first have to go to your blogger’s dashboard. After coming to Blogger, first of all you have to go to the themed section.

After coming to the theme section, you have to go to the arrow and from here you have to click on the Edit HTML button.

After this, the complete coding of your theme will be clearly visible in front of you. So here you have to do a head search!

Regardless of your template, you will find Head in the fourth and fifth rows. Just below this you will have to paste one line of code.

Start Timer After Click On Button

I have provided you the Tonk code at the bottom of this post; You can download it from there. After this you will have to save your theme and this work will have to be done only once.

So, it’s done. Now I will tell you the further process. After this you have to go to your posts section, create a new post or add a timer to your previous post.

The process will be the same in both: After writing the post, you just need to go to the HTML section wherever you want to add the download timer at the bottom or in the middle of the post.

After this you will have to copy the code of the second number from the file given by me.

You have to put this code in every one of your posts. In which you want to set a button with Advance Download Timer Script.

Edit Advance Download Timer Script

What changes do you need to make? So first you have to decide how many seconds you want to spend here.

So, in the default screen I provided, you will get ten seconds! You can increase or decrease it!

You can do less than this if you want; You can do it thirty seconds, fifteen seconds, whatever you want to do, you can do it.

Also the most important thing is where to put the download link here? So download it. You can see the option of link.

So, you have to remove it and paste it between two inverted commas Also if you want to place Google Adsense ads near the button here. So here you also get the option to enter the code.

Now if any visitor comes to your post And if he wants to download your file, he will click on the button.

Here a timer will open in front of him and as soon as this time is over he will automatically reach that download page. The file you want to download.

So friends, this was our today’s post: Advance Download Timer Script. I hope you liked this information. So if you liked this article, share it with your friends.

How To Add Advance Download Timer Script

1. You need to place the following code between <head></head> of your site

      <link href="" rel="stylesheet"></link> 

2.Add This Code Where you wont download button –

        button#download-btn {
            padding: 10px 25px 10px 25px;
            border: none;
            border-radius: 5px;
            color: white;
            background: dodgerblue;
            font-weight: 600;
        button#download-btn:hover {
            background: royalblue;
            cursor: pointer;
        .timer {
            background: bisque;
            width: 5%;
            padding: 10px;
            font-size: 25px;
            border-radius: 50%;
            width: 7%;
    	<!-- Google Adsense Code-->
       <button id="download-btn" onclick="generate()">
        <i class="fa fa-download"></i> Download Now
  	<!-- Google Adsense Code-->
    <center> <div id="tp-wait1"  style="display: none;">
            <p id="countdown" class="countdown">Thanks! Your download will start in  <span id="tp-time">10</span> Seconds...</p>
	<!-- Google Adsense Code-->


function generate() {
    document.getElementById('download-btn').style.display = 'none';
    document.getElementById('tp-wait1').style.display = 'block';
    var count = 10;
    var counter = setInterval(timer, 1300);
    function timer() {
        count = count - 1;
        if (count <= 0) {
            window.location.href = "Download Link";

        document.getElementById("tp-time").innerHTML = count;



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