How To Get Google Adx MA Approval Free In 2024

You’re in luck if you want to use Google Adx MA Approval Free! In this article, I will show you a simple process by which you can get approval without spending any money.

I will also share five Google MCM partners that can help you access Google AdX at no cost.

How to Get Google Adx MA Approval Free

Step 1: Create a Google Ads Manager account

First of all, you should sign up for a Google Ads account. Log in to the Google AdWords Manager site and sign in for a free account.

While providing an optimal customer experience is a priority, attention must be paid to ensure accurate information is provided during registration.

Step 2: Create great content

Google gives ratings to websites that have high-quality content. Create engaging and valuable content that will attract visitors to your site. This step is essential to get approval from Google AdX.

Step 3: Increase Website Traffic

If your website unites sizeable traffic, the chances of your site getting Google AdX approval will grow stronger.

Share your content via social media or a multi-channel marketing approach alongside your audience communication, etc., to improve your website traffic.

Step 4: Select Google MCM Partners

Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) partners can help you get free access to Google AdX.

These partners have a special relationship with Google and can assist you in the approval process. Here are five Google MCM partners you can consider:

Contact these partners and ask about their services so you can get free access to Google AdX.

Step 5: Follow Google’s policies

To ensure approval, follow Google’s policies. Please familiarize yourself with AdX’s policies and make sure your website aligns with them.

This includes having a privacy policy, avoiding restricted content, and following other guides.

Google Adx MA Approval Free

1.Freestar Google Adx MA Approval Free

Freestar is a premium ad management stack company and a Google-certified MCM partner.

You can see how famous websites like Aljazeera and AMC use them to profit from their ads.

They also provide other ad management stacks to premium publishers, such as Header Bidding, AMP monetization, app mediation, Amazon TAM, premium demands, etc.

what is the Freestar requirement?

They recognize most publishers with at least one million page views monthly. This is too much for medium and small websites and a vast number for one million websites.

If you meet these requirements, then Freestar can be a good option. Along with your official stacks, you will also get other benefits like Ad quality monitoring, in-depth reports, brand safety, and exceptional support.

And more than 30 ad partners, such as some of the following:

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Amazon
  • gum gum
  • Primis
  • OpenX
  • Smaato
  • teads
  • AOL
  • Facebook

Anycast uses many large and famous websites like Aljazeera, Tinyurl, F1i, FlightAware, Deviantart, Brickseek, and Freestar for their ad management stack.

Freestar is always looking for premium publishers in any region. Regarding UX, their ad loading and placement are cheaper and less impacted than AdSense or Ezoic.

Freestar is a premium ad management platform like MonetizeMore, Publift, AdPushup, etc. You must try it if you have one million or more page views.

2.Alright Google Adx MA Approval Free

Alright, AdX is a service offered by Alright, a Brazilian publisher network company. It helps publishers access Google Ad Exchange (AdX), a platform for selling ad space on their websites and apps.

Here’s a summary of what Alright AdX does:

  • Helps publishers meet Google’s requirements to join AdX.
  • Optimizes ad placements for better revenue.
  • Connects publishers with the AdX platform.

Overall, Alright AdX helps publishers leverage Google’s ad exchange to increase their ad revenue potentially.

3.Snigel Google Adx MA Approval Free

Snigel ADX isn’t exactly a service directly offered by Google; instead, it is a service that helps you access Google’s AdX platform. Snigel is a company that acts as an AdX reseller or a Google MCM Partner.

Here’s what Snigel ADX can do for you:

  • Get You into AdX: They help publishers who might not otherwise qualify on their own meet Google’s requirements for AdX.
  • Maximize Revenue: Snigel uses advanced tools and expertise to optimize your ad placements and increase your earnings from AdX.
  • Full-Service Approach: They provide a comprehensive service that includes access to AdX (and other ad exchanges), ad tech tools, and a dedicated ad manager.

Essentially, Snigel ADX helps publishers access and get the most out of Google’s AdX platform for monetization.

4.AdForm Google Adx MA Approval Free

There likely isn’t a specific service called “AdForm ADX.” Here’s why:

  • AdForm vs. AdX: AdForm is a separate ad tech company offering its own media buying platform called “Adform FLOW.” AdX, on the other hand, stands for Google Ad Exchange, a platform for selling ad space.
  • Integration, not a service: AdForm integrates with AdX. This means publishers using Adform can leverage AdX for demand within their Adform platform. It’s not a combined service, but rather Adform utilizing the reach of AdX.

5.Adsprac Google Adx Approval Free

Adsprac ADX is a service designed to help publishers gain access to and maximize their benefits from Google Ad Exchange (AdX). Here’s a breakdown of what Adsprac ADX offers:

  • Eligibility Assistance: AdX has requirements for publishers to join. Adsprac helps publishers meet these criteria, potentially opening the door to AdX for those who need help qualifying.
  • Monetization Boost: Adsprac optimizes ad placements on your website or app. This strategic placement can lead to increased revenue from AdX.
  • AdX Connection: Adsprac acts as a bridge, simplifying the process for publishers to connect with and utilize the AdX platform.

In essence, Adsprac ADX helps publishers leverage Google’s AdX for potentially significant growth in their ad revenue.

It is possible to get free Google AdX approval with these simple steps. Create a Google Ads Manager account, focus on great content and website traffic, and contact Google MCM partners for help. By following these steps, you can access Google Ads.

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