10 Best Low Competition Niche For Blog In 2024

Which is the low competition niche for blog on which you can earn good money in a short time?

In this article today, we will talk about low competition niche for blog.

I believe that after reading this article low competition niche for blog, you will get all the information, after which you will definitely create a blog of your own which will rank with low competition.

Some time ago, there was little competition in the blogging field, but currently, the competition is very high.

Therefore, before creating a blog, we need Low Competition Niche For Blog which are easy to work on and can also be ranked easily.

Best Low competition niche for blog

1: Coupon Code Site

Talking about low competition niche for blog, at present, there is hardly any niche left on which a blog has not been created yet. Therefore, if you are thinking of finding a low competition niche for blog, then abandon this idea now.

Select a niche in which there is less competition, and you can easily get Adsense Approval on that niche.

One of these blogging niches is Coupon code Sites.

Yes! You can create a blog to share the Coupon Code of any specific website or App (e.g., Godaddy, Namecheap, Swiggy, Foodpanda).

At present, few blogs exist in this niche in the English language. There are hardly any blogs created in the Hindi language blogging niche.

2: Tool Website

We can keep this blogging niche in the list of low competition niche for blog because such a tool website only gets Adsense approval once it starts getting high traffic.

The advantage of creating a tool website is that you only have to work once on these sites, and later, you only have to do off-page SEO to improve the ranking. Unlike regular blogs, there is no need to update regular posts.

3: Game Download

Games have always been a favourite of both children and adults. Looking at the popularity of PUBG, you can guess that creating a blog related to game downloads can bring unlimited traffic to your blog.

But for this, you will have to upload regular content on your blog and also provide value to your users. If you misguide your users, then the traffic on your blog will keep decreasing.

Misguiding the users means only writing the article and not giving the link to download the game (Like Movie Downloading Sites).

It is not that there is no competition in this niche; there is a lot of competition in this niche too, but you can create your blog by choosing a unique niche like Only PC Games or Micro Niche, for example, Low Competition Niche For Blog like Action Android Games, Shooting Android Games. Are.

4: Whatsapp and Telegram Groups

WhatsApp groups contribute a lot to entertainment because most Indians use WhatsApp and join WhatsApp groups to get videos and images.

WhatsApp groups also play an important role for students because, in WhatsApp groups, teachers send study material to the students, through which students make their studies easier.

Most people keep searching on Telegram Groups to download movies, songs and free PDFs.

In such a situation, if you create a blog related to WhatsApp and Telegram Groups, then you can bring a lot of traffic to that blog.

5: Earn Money online from home

This low competition niche for blog has always been the favourite niche of the people because every person who searches online. He also searches to make money online.

In such a situation, you can provide information to people only by writing posts related to Make Money Online on your blog.

However, due to high competition in this niche, it may be difficult to get ranked. For this, you can earn a good income by creating a blog related to the sub-category of this niche, like how to make money from Android mobile.

In this, AdSense approval is done very easily, and CPC is also good. Due to this your monthly revenue is very good.

Along with this, you will also continue earning through Refer and Earn.

6: Product comparison

This is a new niche in which you can compare products, like which of two products is better, and what the pros and cons of which product are.

AdSense approval is also easily available in this niche; along with this, you can generate a good income from affiliate marketing in this low competition niche for blog.

You will be able to earn more from Affiliate Marketing than from AdSense.

7: Architecture

If you have studied this field and have good knowledge about it, then by creating your blog, you can give information to people about the expenses incurred in building a house, the things required to build a house, etc.

If you are not able to understand how to write an article or how to create a blog, then, for example, you can read the blogs given below on which posts related to this niche are made.

When a person is about to build a new house, he gets a good map made for his new house so that he can build his house according to that map.

You can also find customers for yourself through your blog.

8: Local News site

Best low competition niche for blog to Start a Profitable Blog (in Hindi) I said this because you will not have to work hard to rank your blog. Because if you keep posting regularly on your blog, then you will get approval on your blog in Google News. It can bring good traffic.

You can tell people about the events happening around you by writing about your area. Due to this, the popularity of your blog will increase in that area.

You can also inform the people of your area about your local news website by getting posters printed offline or by placing an ad in the newspaper of your district.

Initially, tell people about your news site through your Facebook Page and Facebook Groups.

9: Micro Niche Amazon Affiliate site

Best Blogging Niche to Start a Profitable Blog (in Hindi)

This is such a niche that even if you do not place Adsense ads, there will be no difference in your earnings because you can earn good money only from Amazon Affiliate.

There is competition in this niche, but if you create a Micro Niche Amazon Affiliate site, then the chances of getting ranked increase.

For Example, Best Jeans for men, jeans for Men Under 1000, and similar Micro Niche Blog.

10: Food recipe blog

It must have happened to you at some point or the other that you feel like eating something, but you don’t know how to prepare it. So you must have searched about making that dish on Google.

Then, from this experience, you can understand that if you are looking for low competition niche for blog, then this niche can prove to be economical for you.


Friends, if you are still thinking, then wait. There is no need to think so much about something you know very well.

If you feel that you can explain that thing/thing well by writing, then take that niche. And start writing from today itself.

I am saying this because competition is increasing day by day. You have to start your blog today itself. For the best blog niches in 2023, Low Competition Niche of Health and Food Recipe blog.

These are all lifetime niches that will continue forever; for the low competition niche for blog 2023, I suggest you choose the Architecture Niche because there are very few Hindi blogs in this niche.

How did you like this article written on a low-competition niche for blogs? Please let us know in the comment box.

If you know about any such niche and want to share it with people, then please let us know through the comment box.

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