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Privacy Policy Page Generator: Explaining privacy policies isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially with provisions of the CCPA, GDPR, CalOPPA, PIPEDA, or Australia’s Privacy Act. You may be shocked if you’re not a lawyer or someone familiar with privacy policies.

Some people may even use it to borrow money from you. Some people will snatch money from you. These are some examples of what we want to prevent from happening to you.

We will help you protect yourself by generating a privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy Page Generator can help ensure your business complies with the law. We’re here to protect your business, soul, and customers.

Fill in the blanks below, and we will create a personalized website privacy policy for your business—no account registration is required. Generate and download a privacy policy in just seconds!

A small note when filling out this Privacy Policy Page Generator: not all parts of this privacy policy may apply to your website. Whenever there are parts that are not applicable, they can be removed. Alternative element selections can be made in Step 2. The accuracy of the privacy policy presented on this website is not a legal impediment. Use at your own risk.

We frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Privacy Policy Generator.

1. What is the privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a legal document where you explain what information you collect from users, how you manage the data, how you order, and how you use that data. The vital purpose of a privacy policy is to inform users about how you collect information, use it, and manage the data collected.

2. Is the Privacy Policy Page Generator free to use?

Privacy Policy Page Generator ( is a free Privacy Policy Page Generator that can be used for websites, applications, and Facebook pages/applications. You can create a privacy policy for your business using our free generator.

3. Why is privacy policy important?

Most importantly, if you collect data from users directly or indirectly, a privacy policy is required by law. For example, you need a privacy policy if you have a contact form on your website. But if you use analytics tools like Google Analytics, you still need a privacy policy.

4. Where do I keep my privacy policy?

You can usually find the privacy policy in the footer of the website. We recommend placing your privacy policy in an easily accessible location on your website.

5. What should be included in the privacy policy?

A layered privacy policy should include:
What information do you collect from the environment?
How you manage it.
Why are you ordering the data?
How you are using the data.

Can I copy someone else’s privacy policy?

We do not recommend that you copy someone else’s privacy policy. First of all, privacy policies are legal documents protected by copyright. But most importantly, the privacy policy should be generated based on the same data you collect. Our Privacy Policy Page Generator can help you with this.

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