What is a Proxy Server, and how does it work? 2024

Today, we are discussing proxy server, which are an integral part of people’s way of life during the Internet era. However, are you aware of how a proxy server functions and of its advantages?

Recently, Meta’sMeta’s messaging app WhatsApp launched a feature that will allow you to send messages to your people on WhatsApp even when there is no internet.

This feature was named proxy. Since then, this term has become much discussed. So, let us know what this proxy server is.

What is a proxy server?

When your computer is connected to the Internet, it uses its IP address. This is similar to your home address on your device; it instructs the incoming function where to go and helps identify the return address to validate the outgoing data to other devices.

A proxy server is a computer found on the Internet that has its IP address.

Your computer’scomputer’s IP address is used when it connects to the Internet. This address is similar to your home address, with incoming data giving outgoing directions and showing the return address to authenticate data sent out to other devices. A proxy server is a computer located on the Internet that has its IP address.

How is it helpful in network security?

Proxies make the security of your computer stronger. These can be set up as web filters or firewalls to protect your computer from Internet threats such as malware.

It also provides additional protection when paired with a secure web gateway or other email security products. With its help, you can filter traffic according to its security level.

How to use a proxy?

Some people use proxies for personal purposes, such as hiding their location while watching movies online. At the same time, they can be used for many significant reasons for a company.

This includes improving security, monitoring employees’ employees’ Internet activity, balancing Internet traffic to prevent crashes, controlling employee access to websites in the office, and saving bandwidth by caching files or compressing incoming traffic, etc. Are included.

How does proxy work?

We stated earlier that a proxy server is a computer having an IP address; it works as an intermediary between a computer and the Internet.

That is the case when your computer knows this address, and when you send a request to the Internet, it is routed through the proxy.

After that, the Web server replies to your request, and the page data that it sends are integrated with your computer’s browser, for example, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

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